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Modern, simple, and more effective methods of advertising for growing the audience and boosting revenue.

Daily, thousands of new websites are added to the Internet. The same customers you target are being targeted by new competitors every day. If you want to prove the success of your website, it should not only attract a sizable audience but also convince the correct audience to become customers.

Web marketing, also known as Internet marketing, consists of techniques and strategies to attract more customers to your website and increase revenues. We at Pixel Digital are researching the market and the competitors to develop the most effective campaign and increase your sales.

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The objective of website optimization (SEO), that is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in marketing strategy, is to appear highly in organic search engine results.


A successful advertising promotion guarantees an increase in visitors and sales of a website or an e-shop, especially in sectors where competition is high.

Social Media​

By using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the company comes in direct contact with the buying public and increases its sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the processes and methods that must be implemented in your website structure and content in order for the content to be as search engine friendly as possible, with the goal of increasing traffic to your website through organic results. In Pixel Digital, we believe that while building a website, it should be both user- and search engine-friendly. Because of this, we build your website to be easily accessible to both visitors and search engines.

Digital Marketing

One of the most effective business tools for reaching out to new and existing clients, selling your goods or services, and promoting your brand is social media. At Pixel Digital, we can provide guidance on the social media platforms that are suitable for your company, design your social media pages, and recommend the most effective ways for your company to engage with its target audience.

Web Marketing

Website optimization and promotion of your business on social networks and to the wide web.


Analyzing and studying appropriate words or phrases with a focus on content optimization.

White Hat SEO

Using strategies and techniques to optimize web pages in accordance with search engine guidelines.


We investigate the competition, discover vulnerabilities and optimize campaign execution.

Content Modification

Modifying the content and texts to match the appropriate words or phrases.


Analysis of advertising requirements and selection of appropriate advertising media.

Advertising Design

Creating effective banner ads with unique aesthetics and content.


Tracking how your campaign performs which lets you see how effective they are at attracting potential customers.


Facebook business page creation, content and graphics design (cover, profile picture).


Instagram business profile creation, content and graphics design (cover, profile picture).

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