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Acquire a website / e-Shop for your business with a 90% subsidy


Through the new program “DIGITAL TOOLS MME” you are given the opportunity to build a website / online store (eshop) for your business with minimal cost as the subsidy amounts to 90% of the total cost! The only requirement is that you must have started before 1 January 2022. You can contact us for more information.

The Programme is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund under the Action: ‘Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises’

Purpose and scope The aim of the "DIGITAL TOOLS for Small and Medium Enterprises" Programme is to enhance the digital maturity of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country operating in a wide range of sectors of the economy. Through the Programme, participating enterprises can be supported in order to digitise electronic transactions with customers and partners, including e-commerce, increase the level of security and trust in electronic transactions, through the use of new digital products and services.


Beneficiaries of the Programme

The Programme supports existing private enterprises engaged in economic activity, for which the following conditions, among others, are cumulatively met:

They have their registered office or a branch in the Greek territory with a Greek VAT number.
They have their registered office in Greece and have a registered office in Greece with a legal domicile in Greece and a registered office in Greece with a registered office in Greece and a registered office in Greece.
They have a registered office in Greece and have a registered office in the country of application for the application for the application form.
They constitute a legal entity (Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Private Limited Company, Sole Proprietorship, Social Cooperative Enterprise, Cooperative) or Sole Proprietorship and keep single or double-entry books.
Section 2.1 of the Call for Proposals sets out in detail all the conditions for participation in the Programme.

Beneficiaries of the Programme are divided into the following distinct categories and subcategories based on the criterion of employment (dependent work):


Category of MME

  1. 0,01 MME ≤ μ ≤ 10 MME
  2. 10 MME < μ ≤25 MME
  3. 25 MME < μ ≤ 40 MME
  4. 40 MME < μ ≤ 250 MME

Please contact us for further information.

Programme Duration

Programme duration and milestones
The time milestones for Potential Beneficiaries and Suppliers are broken down as follows:


Vendor applications can be submitted on the digital platform from Wednesday 22 June 2022 and throughout the duration of the Programme.
Requests for approval of digital products and services to be subsidised by the Programme shall be submitted by already approved suppliers throughout the duration of the Programme.


Category 1

Funding requests specific to Category One (1) recipients may be submitted from Wednesday, June 22, 2022, through Tuesday, November 1, 2022.
Making purchases of digital products and services using the vouchers for Category One (1) beneficiaries may be made until Thursday 10 August 2023.
The end date of the cooling off period, during which only certain (exceptional) cases of redemption of vouchers are allowed, is Saturday 09 September 2023.
The date for the completion of all payments and the closure of the Programme for this category of beneficiaries is Monday 09 October 2023.

Amount and intensity of the aid

Height and intensity of aid
Under the Programme, vouchers may be used on the basis of the size of the enterprise – in terms of employment – and in particular by category of enterprise. Specifically:

BUSINESS CATEGORY Business Size (m) Nominal value of Voucher(s) (Maximum aid amount) Maximum eligible expenditure Aid intensity


  • ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ 1 0,01 ΕΜΕ ≤ μ ≤ 5 ΕΜΕ €900,00 €1.000,00 90%
    5 ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 10 ΕΜΕ €1.800,00 €2.000,00 90%
  • ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ 2 10 ΕΜΕ < μ ≤18 ΕΜΕ €3.600,00 €4.000,00 90%
    18 ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 25 ΕΜΕ €5.400,00 €6.000,00 90%
  • ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ 3 25 ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 32 ΕΜΕ €9.000,00 €10.000,00 90%
    32 ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 40 ΕΜΕ €10.800,00 €12.000,00 90%
  • ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ 4 40 ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 50 ΕΜΕ €13.500,00 €15.000,00 90%
    50 ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 250 ΕΜΕ €18.000,00 €20.000,00 90%

Please note that the amount of aid/redemption amount cannot be exceeded:

the nominal value of the voucher, and,
90% of the actual cost of the digital products and services supplied.

What is the procedure for submitting applications

The application is submitted by a representative of the company who legally holds the company’s username and password to access the tax services of the Hellenic Tax Administration (taxisnet information system).

In order to enter the Electronic Aid Management Platform (EAPM) and create a new application, the applicant will have to confirm the identity of the company using the company passwords in Taxsinet. For this purpose


  • First of all, he/she gives his/her consent for the processing of the necessary data in the context of the submission, control and approval of the Grant Application, and declares that he/she is aware of and agrees-complies with the terms and procedures of the ‘Digital Tools for MME’ Programme.
  • Goes to the secure environment of the General Secretariat for Public Sector Information Systems (GSIS) to enter the corporate credentials in the user authentication service.

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