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We started it by creating and managing online tourism websites. At the same time, we also created their social media pages, which we continue to manage. Thus, we started our journey in Tourism Marketing.

The development of their websites, the creation of their logos and forms, as well as the administration of social media, are all areas in which we continue to work with tourist businesses in a variety of industries (hotels, rooms for rent, car rentals, agencies, as well as others).

Currently, we work with a lot of small and medium-sized businesses both in the tourism industry and other industries. Our team has expanded to include developers, marketeers and graphic designers. We provide strategies for effective, greater digital marketing that stands out.

Our objective is to establish a long-lasting, trustworthy connection with the client.

About us

A modern web development agency that was founded in 2022 from the small island of Rhodes, Greece, and since we have expanded our services to Australia, Pixel Digital provides excellent, cost-effective solutions for all your digital needs. Our approach to building cutting-edge websites includes modern design and innovative solutions.

Our Values

We embrace innovation. We appreciate new concepts and support their implementation. We support our clients’ growth while also evolving ourselves with them.

Personal Contact

The cooperation and personal engagement between us and our clients are crucial to the success of every project. Throughout the cooperation, we care about our clients and make an effort to communicate with them over the phone or in person

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